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Eastern Woodland Revitalization is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the revitalization of traditional knowledge and practices of eastern woodland tribal communities. We work with members of these communities to reclaim and preserve cultural heritage, provide educational opportunities for the general public, and provide collaborative opportunities for other organizations and Indigenous peoples. Our goal is to promote cultural awareness and understanding while preserving and celebrating the rich history and traditions of these communities.

Our Journey

In February 2019, our cultural classes specific to eastern woodland Indigenous people began on the Mattaponi reservation. These classes were initially started by funding through the host of the class as well as those who attended in order to lower the cost needed of the materials for the classes. We began traveling to local Virginia pow wows to raise awareness and support for our endeavor through family, friends, and the public. We were then able to branch out and bring these classes to other tribal communities. Following that, we expanded once again to bring complete educational programming and discussions to individuals, institutions, organizations, and now also consult companies and individuals interested in these types of services. A little about us: we are an ever-growing group of intertribal people who want to change the way our communities are talked about now and in the future.


Our slogan “We Carry the Canoe” describes the work Eastern Woodland Revitalization’s community members do to preserve and protect traditional knowledge of our tribal nations. The canoe is vital to many Eastern Woodland tribal communities, providing a direct link to food sources and other tribal nations. The work and effort that goes into creating and then carrying these canoes to our life source, the rivers, is symbolic of the work Eastern Woodland Revitalizations community provides. The heavy lifting of revitalizing and reclaiming traditional knowledge is our bridge from our ancestors to our future generations.  

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